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World class magician on his way to Beccles

A top-class magician who has been a main attraction at Blackpool’s iconic tower for the last three years is heading for Beccles Public Hall and Theatre this Easter holidays.

Michael Jordan works under the stage name High Jinx and is renowned in the industry for the brilliantly natural way he engages with audiences. The 31-year-old award-winning magician is a master of illusions and a specialist in circus skills so keeps audiences enthralled for every second of his show. Every one of Michael’s shows at the 1,200 capacity Blackpool Tower were sold out over Christmas 2022.

Michael will be at Beccles Public Hall and Theatre with his High Jinx - Magic and Illusion Show, which is a matinee performance on Monday 10th April 2023, starting at 2:30pm.

When Donna Hodds, Marketing Manager for Beccles Public Hall caught up with Michael about his forthcoming show, he commented: “I can’t wait to get on the stage at Beccles and promise to give you a performance to remember.

There are two kinds of magicians – those who want to fool the audience and those who want to entertain. I’m certainly one that’s keen to entertain. It’s not all about the trick or illusion, more how it is presented that really counts and that’s what makes people love these kinds of shows.

There’s definitely still a hunger for live magic because it’s always a journey into the unknown. You just don’t know what the magician will do or how they do it and that’s what makes it so entertaining. It gives a sense of shock, awe, surprise and a few laughs, especially with lots of audience participation. Magic is also a great introduction to the world of theatre and live entertainment.”

Michael reveals his dyslexia led him to learn circus tricks. At school he used a wobble board – balancing on a board on a large semi-circular ball – which is supposed to help dyslexia by strengthening muscles, posture, and co-ordination to enhance eye-muscle co-ordination and make reading easier. Michael realised he was a natural at this fine art of balancing and that ultimately led into self-teaching himself circus tricks such as juggling and unicycling.

Michael was so renowned for his plate-spinning skills that legendary American magicians Penn and Teller asked him to teach them how to do it. Even giving Michael his first big break when he appeared on a TV show hosted by the world-famous duo. He had to do an illusion that saw him sawing a girl into five and Penn and Teller had to work out how it was done.

Since then, Michael has worked all round the world including touring with the famous Le Festival International de Magie in France for several years, a travelling magic show which features Europe’s exceptional magicians with the focus on laughs and magic. As well as 11 consecutive seasons in Blackpool since 2012 – the last three in the tower alongside its world-renowned circus, making him a firm favourite at the Lancashire resort.

Michael is now on his biggest ever tour of theatres in 2023 – and has to adapt the show to each venue.

“Each venue is so different, and we can only finalise the show we’ll be putting on when we get there,” Michael said. “It depends on many factors ranging from the size of the stage to how accessible it is as some of the illusions and props we use are really heavy. But we can promise a spectacular show for each and every venue.”

Michael is a contemporary magician but also loves to pay tribute to magic’s past and one of the routines will be the Great Barrel Mystery which dates back 100 years and involves two full-size whiskey barrels and more than a touch of Houdini-style escape artistry.

Michael loves to inject comedy into his act and it’s a brave member of the audience who hands Michael his mobile phone – especially as he has a reputation for battering them with a hammer – but will he get it back in one piece after Michael’s Russian roulette treatment of it? His favourite illusion is one called Excalibur which involves plunging swords through a glass cabinet while his assistant, wife Tamsyn, is in there.

Tamsyn and Michael live in Taunton, Somerset with their two young children, seven-year-old Logan and five-year-old Kiana. Family is very important to Michael and the High Jinx show, with Michael crediting his grandfather, Barry Jordan for his first magic experience. Barry, now 82, first introduced a young Michael to magic by showing him different magic trick every week but never told him how it was done. Leaving the youngster to try and replicate the trick, figuring out himself how to perform the same trick his granddad had shown him.

This interest in magic, and the tricks her Granddad has shown him lead Michael to joining the Magic Circle and was named Young Magician of the Year when he was just 18.

Tickets to see Michael Jordan and the High Jinx show at Beccles Public Hall and Theatre are now on sale. Visit to book, or visit the Box Office at the Hall on Smallgate, Beccles which is open 10am to 3pm, Monday to Saturday. You can also call to book tickets during the same opening times on 01502 770060.

High Jinx - Magic and Illusion Show

Beccles Public Hall and Theatre, Smallgate, Beccles, NR34 9AD

Mon 10th April 2023 2:30PM


  • Adults £14.50

  • Under 18 £12.50

  • Family (2 x Adults, 2 x Under 18) £48.00*

*fee applies when booking online.

A full programme of events up until June 2023 is now available online or for booking via the Hall’s box office.

For the full programme of new shows and events visit the venue’s website

Notes to Editors Beccles Public Hall and Theatre is a community run theatre, owned and managed by Beccles Lido Ltd.

The vision of the Beccles Public Hall directors and management team is to develop a centrally located facility where local people can access and enjoy a wide range of activities from events, concerts, and performances to special interest groups.

Beccles Public Hall and Theatre, 6 Smallgate, Beccles, United Kingdom, NR34 9AD

​For images and more information, please contact Donna Hodds, Marketing Manager via email on or telephone, 01502 770060.

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