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Eastern Angles make medieval plays modern this spring

After 40 years of touring theatre across the East of England, this spring Eastern Angles is reigniting the region’s buzzing 15th century theatre scene with Medieval Miracles. This double bill of one-act plays promises to bring double the devils, double the tricks, and double the fun to venues across

East Anglia this spring.

“East Anglia was the Broadway or West End of the 15th Century English theatre” once said a stage historian, and Eastern Angles have picked two of its biggest hits to stand centre stage in their 2023 spring tour.

Speaking about the show, co-writer and Director Ivan Cutting said: “This was popular theatre at its best when people watched and laughed at sometimes quite shocking tales of contemporary scandal and daring new versions of traditional biblical myths”.

First up, The Trails of Mary & Joseph, it’s the Nativity story but not as you know it. And then there’s Mankind, the country’s most popular comedy of the 1490’s, retold as a boisterous story of a climate conscious young man tempted by three mischievous devils to leave his allotment and behave very badly.

With live music, comic twists, and a sense of ridiculous, Eastern Angles bring two very old plays right up to date.

With performances in theatres, community centres, and village halls across the East of England from 16th March to 20th May, Medieval Miracles is sure to be coming to a venue near you this spring.

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